(as of Wednesday morning, November 6, 2019)

Keep checking back as this page continually changes. All animals are sold LIVE AT THE FARM.

One purebred Saanen buck (male goat), one and a half years old, registered with ADGA $200

Three bronze turkeys, female, perfect for Thanksgiving, $50 each

Eight Embden geese, perfect for Thanksgiving, $45 each.

Three American Guinea Hog gilts (female which has not given birth), $200 each for pork or breeding. Can be registered with American Guinea Hog Association for $20 extra. They weigh approx. 100 lbs. Out-of-Illinois buyer for breeding add $25 for health certificate.

Two Rhode Island Red roosters, $17 each

Five Black Cochin roosters, $17 each

Three Blue Orpington old hens for stewing, $14 each

Started mixed breed pullets and cockerels, largely Black Australorp, $5 each.

Farm fresh eggs, $5.50 per dozen

Fresh, unpasteurized legally-sold goat milk, per quart $6.75 with Mason jar and lid exchange, $8.50 with no jar exchange. We have the state permit for raw milk sales.

Text or call 872-205-0801; email info@joyofillinois.com.