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Update 9/22/18 It’s fall hatching season! We have Muscovies available from hatchlings to adults.

Muscovies provide tasty meat, but, like all ducks, are much harder to dress out than chickens. With our reduced labor force due to graduations, we are not offering to process them, but they are occasionally available live at the farm.

Ducks are great slug and bug eaters! Ours patrol the farm during the day, and are locked up at night for their protection.

The -17 F winter weather has left only the strongest ducks surviving. We expect ducklings for sale (LIVE) by June. Muscovies are a quiet breed that only makes a "huff" sound, no loud quacking. The females are a half to two-thirds the size of the males. 

   They are great for patrolling your garden for pests, but be warned that they will nibble on ripe tomatoes!

  Please "Contact Us" if you would like to purchase Muscovy ducks.



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