It’s 2019, and we are off to a great new year on the farm!

We’re thrilled to announce:

  • Customers can now buy directly through our website.

  • We are rolling out a series of classes and events on the farm.

  • We will once again be selling at the Champaign Farmer’s Market.

  • Our very own designated back porch distribution point coming soon!


To pay for your livestock, egg shares, milk shares, classes and events online, just click on on the Reserve Livestock/Products tab. You can also still print out the order form and mail it to us with a paper check, or have your bank send a check while you send an email with your order. And of course, you can always come out to the farm to place your order--give us a call first to make sure we'll be available--with cash, check, or plastic. We do have the Square to take cards for convenience, but be warned that it will add 3% to your purchase.


Small farmer wannabees, come learn with us! We are now offering classes and mentoring opportunities that range from how to plan an organic vegetable garden to how to milk a dairy goat to all about eggs to how to identify wild plants and herbs that are edible and delicious!

Crafty folks can sign up for a class on feather crafts, how to make all-natural goat’s milk soap, and Christmas arts and crafts on the farm.

And last but not least, little children are invited to get to know the farm, starting in March with our Meet the Barn Babies event, and continuing through the summer season with events like our Barnyard Dance and Singalong!

Peruse class descriptions at your leisure, and reserve your spot here:


Watch for us at the Champaign Farmer’s Market starting in mid-May. We will be selling fresh herbs and vegetables from our farm garden, as well as baked goodies, and more.


Intern Sarah and I recently trailered home a large glass-door commercial fridge (on an icy, windy, cold day, brrr) and hope to have it in place and running by the time shares start in mid-March. This is part of our plan to set up a new designated back porch distribution point where you can step in and help yourself to your milk and egg shares, and see what other goods we’re offering. These will include vegetables and herbs in summertime, hand-crafted maple syrup produced by family in Wisconsin, and our own delicious honey (in season). We’re also thinking about offering hand-crafted goat’s milk soap. Let us know what you think!

P.S. For our established customers, this will be on the other back porch (on the north side).