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Pastured meat chickens


We plan to raise three small batches of meat chickens this year. After growing from downy fluffballs to fully feathered in a heated, protected brooder, they go outside in floorless pasture shelters to keep them safe from predators. The shelters are moved to fresh forage daily. 

   Freedom Rangers are red-feathered and are descended from the Label Rouge chickens of France. Kosher Kings are a cross of Barred Rock and Sussex heritage breeds selected for size and growth rate, and have black and white feathers. Both kinds are good eatin’!

   Having access to green plants and fresh air, growing longer than grocery-store chickens, and being able to exercise give the chickens firm- textured, rich-flavored meat. The meat may even have a yellow tint from the carotene in the green grass and forbs the chickens consumed. Our chickens do consume grain and are not certified organic.

   Our favorite way to cook them is to put a frozen whole chicken and a cup of water in the crockpot in the morning, turn it on high til mid-afternoon, then reduce it to low until needed. What could be easier than that!?

   We only process birds which have been reserved ahead of time. That means that you can't just drop by and buy a chicken out of our freezer. We are authorized to dress out under the Illinois Small Poultry Producer exemption. (That doesn't mean the poultry or the producer are small, but that the quantity raised is small!)

   Meat chickens can sometimes be bought live from June on during our open hours. 

If you want to buy them dressed (ready-to-cook), there are three ways to order meat chickens this year. First, on the "Order Form" page you will find a downloadable order form to print, fill out, and send us with a check. Second, you can email your order and have your bank send a check. Third, you can order online by clicking here: RESERVE MEAT CHICKENS. Online ordering costs more, since both the card company and the website host take their cuts.

Pickup for dressed chickens is at the farm, in the afternoon of processing day. Shipping or delivery are not available. Just remember, on those days, you can't get chicken any fresher!





Our Hispanic customers love these big show birds that didn't win at the county and state fairs. They may be Rhode Island Red, Black Cochin, Cornish Game, Buff Orpington, or other breeds. Sporadic supply. Sold live only.


STEWING HENS are available once the egg-laying season is over in mid-November. They vary in size and are sold live. This is the bird you want to make classic chicken soup.


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