American Guinea hogs

   This small black all-American hog is docile and fun to raise. Baby piggies are sooo cute! 

   A 6-month-old pig will likely be 50-75 pounds LIVE, small enough to roast in a regular oven for a dinner party. 

Update 9/22/18 We have AGHs available from summer-born pigs to a mature sow (10#-170#) and a new litter due in early October!

Kunekune hogs

This breed of hog from New Zealand has a smashed-in snout that's better for grazing than rooting. They are about the same small size as the AGHs and seldom exceed 300 lbs as full-grown adults. We just got a pair in December and are anticipating piggies this spring.

Update 9/22/18 Unfortunately our breeding pair failed to produce baby pigs and are themselves available for sale.

To order a hog, please go to the downloadable "Order Form" page, print it off, fill it out, and mail in with your deposit.

Processing pigs

Just as for goats and sheep, hogs are sold on a liveweight basis. Hanging carcass weight is about 60% of liveweight for a hog. We do not process any large animals. You can do the job yourself off our farm, or we can take the animal to Arends Meats, a locker in Ivesdale. You pay the processor separately. The animal must go out of our gate live, according to Public Health Bureau of Meats inspectors. If not, we are running an illegal slaughterhouse. Arends' charges for a small hog for 2018 are $80 for a barbecue hog (whole, refrigerated only), or $55 plus $0.72 per pound of hanging weight to cut according to your instructions, wrap in small packages, and freeze solid.


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