Spring Classes and Events for Adults

Dress warmly. It’s colder on the farm than in town. Also, the barnyard and pastures can be muddy in springtime, so be sure to wear your muck boots!

Eggs from free-range Joy of Illinois Farm hens.    (Photo: Sarah N.)

Eggs from free-range Joy of Illinois Farm hens.

(Photo: Sarah N.)

SATURDAY, april 20, 2019


$15 PER participant

10 AM - noon

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In this class, which is designed for people with moderate to no experience in raising chickens, Farmer Penny will share from her treasure trove of experience and lore surrounding all things chicken eggs. Participants will learn about the anatomy of the amazing egg, how to hatch eggs, how to clean and preserve farm fresh eggs for eating, eggshell hues and chicken breeds, and much more. As well, just in time for Easter, participants will learn tricks for blowing eggs for decorating.

This is a great class for backyard chicken keepers.

Class cost includes materials.

Bring your own brown bag lunch. Dessert will be provided, featuring eggs from our free-range hens.

See you on the farm!

Does in the paddock.    (Photo: B. Gioja)

Does in the paddock.

(Photo: B. Gioja)

SATURDAY, MAY 25, 2019


10 AM - 1 PM



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In this class, Farmer Penny will teach you how to choose your doe (female goat), what to feed it, and how to raise it so that it is a happy and healthy milk producer.

Topics will include: how to source feed locally, how to house your goat(s), how to maintain your pasture, how to deal with Illinois' extreme climate, and the basic equipment that you will need.

You will be given hands-on instruction and practice at the farm, located ten minutes west of Parkland College. You will also have the opportunity to participate at milking time, and learn about sanitary unprocessed milk handling.

Farmer Penny has more than twenty-five years' experience in goat farming and teaching. Having made new mistakes every year, she looks forward to imparting her hard-won wisdom!

See you at the Farm!

Muscovy ducklings.    (Photo: B. Gioja)

Muscovy ducklings.

(Photo: B. Gioja)

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