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American Guinea hogs

   Feeding the pigs lots of veggies and greens makes the best pork ever!

This small black native American hog is docile and fun to raise. Baby piggies are sooo cute! 

   A 6-month-old pig will likely be 50-75 pounds LIVE, small enough to roast in a regular oven for a dinner party. An adult boar might top out at 250 lbs.

Update 2/2019 We have small AGHs available from summer-born pigs to a new litter due any day! In 2018 about half of our hog sales were for starting backyard herds and half for pork.

There are three ways to order hogs this year. First, on the "Order Form" page you will find a downloadable order form to print, fill out, and send us with a check. Second, you can email your order and have your bank send a check. Third, you can order online by clicking here: RESERVE HOGS Online ordering costs more, since both the card company and the website host take their cuts.


Processing pigs

Just as for goats and sheep, hogs are sold on a liveweight basis. Hanging carcass weight is about 60% of liveweight for a hog. We cannot legally process any large animals for customers. You can do the job yourself off our farm, or we can take the animal to Arends Meats, a locker in Ivesdale. You pay the processor separately. The animal must go out of our gate live, according to Public Health Bureau of Meats inspectors. Arends' charges for a small hog for 2019 are $80 for a barbecue hog (whole, refrigerated only), or $75 plus $0.72 per pound of hanging weight to cut according to your instructions, wrap in small packages, and freeze solid. They will not smoke sides or hams of AGHs.

For more on processing, see this farm diary.

Pickup of pork is at Arends or at the farm. No shipping or delivery of pork to your home.


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