Update 9/22/18 Share sales are past for this year, but we often have single cartons of eggs available at $5.50 each. Please check first using the “Contact us” page.

Need a quick, nutritious breakfast high in protein and omega-3s? You can scramble an egg in under 5 minutes and jump into your workday with alertness and staying power.

   Season egg shares, which are sold starting in February, run from March to November. A share is generally a dozen eggs per week, but can be more, usually in early summer, or less, usually at the end of the season. You can order multiple shares, or a half-season share for the first half of the season.

   Limited shares are available. Occasional extra dozen cartons of eggs are available by the each. Several customers have been getting our eggs for twenty years! Our customers love our eggs for their rich taste and texture.

   To buy an egg share, please download the sheet from the "Order Form" page, fill it out, and send it in with your deposit.

   The hens have free range of the farm during the day, and are shut up at night for their own safety from predators. They relish bugs, worms, garden extras, vegetarian table scraps, and layer feed.  They particularly love fruit which drops from the orchard trees!

   Eggs are washed and put in cartons late on Friday for pickup on Saturday or during open hours the next week. Eggs will be brown, green, and/or white. The hen's genetic makeup determines what color shell all her eggs will have for her whole life. Her recent diet determines how orange the yolk is, and the egg's freshness determines how tall the white stands up in your pan. By the end of the season, a high-producing hen has depleted her stores of calcium and carotene, resulting in weaker shells and paler yolks. 

     Pickup is at the farm only; no shipping or delivery.

   You can't get free-range eggs any fresher!


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