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Update 9/22/18 Sorry, but lambs and goat kids are completely sold out for 2018! We’ll begin taking reservations again in February 2019! Be sure to bug us if you don’t hear anything by mid-February. Thanks!

Lamb is far and away our middle son's favorite meat, and he was our shepherd from the time his oldest sister moved out until he did. Our totally grassfed lambs are purebred Katahdin sheep, a medium-sized breed developed in Maine. This breed is perfect for our bitter cold winters, since they grow a wool undercoat, and for our hot, humid summers because they shed that wool each spring. Lambs are born in March and ideally grow to 70-80 lbs. liveweight in one summer, with a few exceptional ones weighing over 100 lbs. If you are looking for "almost organic" lamb, this is it.

   The goat kids are Swiss (upright ears) dairy-type goats. This year's kids were all sired by an Oberhasli buck, and their dams are Saanen/Alpine crosses. The kids are fed some grain. Most of the buck kids are sold for meat, while extra doe kids are available to raise for milk production at another farm. Goat kids do not grow as fast, thick, or heavy as lambs.

   To reserve a goat or lamb, please download the form from the "Order Form" page, fill it out, and send it in with your deposit.

   All are sold LIVE at the farm, but we can deliver them to Arends Meats, a locker in Ivesdale, which you pay separately for its service. Arends' charges for 2018 are $75 for a barbecue animal (whole, refrigerated only) or $110 to cut to your specifications, wrap in small packages, and freeze solid.

   Reserve early, as these sell out every year.


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